How to raise your profile

“I need to raise my personal/business profile and get industry famous!”

Well you have a lot to do so that you can start and continue spreading the word about yourself and/or your business.


Firstly know your tribe of followers or potential followers.

* Who are they?

* Where do they live?

* What content do they love?

* What are they searching for?

* Why will they love you?


Now how do you reach these people on mass?

* Speak at events

* Hold your own events

* Publish a book

* Attend lots of relevant networking events

* Gain media attention

* Produce YouTube Videos

* Covet social media relevant to your followers

* Shout it from the rooftops

* Collaborate with other businesses on a specific promotion


What else – Success by association

Surround yourself with people who also have complementary industry profiles that are higher than yours is currently.

Get to know these other industry professionals so that you can potentially work together, speak at events, etc.

Team up to create a specific offer that you can promote to both audiences to grow your followers.

Brand ambassadors

Who else can promote you or what you do?

Who can be seen with your product, i.e. famous high profile people?

Who else loves what you offer and can tell people about it?

Your personal profile

Do you need to review your LinkedIn profile?

Where else are you as a person represented online and is this as professional as it should be?

Do you need new head-shots (professional photos)?

Now while there is no one size fits all approach you can take several of these things and work them to raise your profile. These things all make a vast difference to who does and potentially does may you.

Raising your profile may be for you as an individual, your business or a combination of both these things. The ideal scenario being that people who want what you have are finding you. They are now finding you through the various methods you are now able to utilise to expose your profile to your ideal clients.

If you need help with any of these areas please be in touch with Kelly at My Sassy Business.

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