How to use your business plan – your business plan, regardless of its size should be a fluid document. What this means is that you must add to it, delete stuff on it and review it on a regular basis.

A good business plan will have you illustrate your vision

Now your vision is what you are building, where you want your company to go in the future. Now this vision can and will change over time. Your plan should be updated to reflect this. By updating this information you always know what the end goal is for your business and you have something to aim to.

Next you should have an understanding of the mission

Why does your business exist and who do you exist for plus why do they need what you offer. This helps you to see why you began in the first place but if your products or services change over time then so too will your mission. Your plan must always reflect this correctly.

How are you going to achieve both your mission and vision for your business? This remains the final area of a business plan and something that also changes along with technology, staff, sales, business location and more. Marketing strategies vary; social media promotions may change the way that you offer your service or product. How are you going to keep control of these things?

Do you have budgets outlined?

On an annual basis I would suggest that a business reviews and outlines the plan for the next 12 months. This can be done via our one page business plan for example.

What is your vision for the next 12 months?

This could be as simple as – We are going to hire another staff member.

Does your mission match this vision?

In you mission what are you offering in addition to today that means you will have the ability to hire another staff member?

How are you going to achieve this in the next 12 months?

Do you plan on increasing your marketing, marketing budget, offering a new product or service line?

By getting your intentions down on paper you are able to free up your mind for more important things. By setting the intentions you are creating affirmations that have plans attached to achieve them. Remember there is no point having a vision without looking at how you are going to achieve it.

Make a start today and outline the next 12months for your business – you chances of achieving are much higher when you plan.

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