Is it true that there are no new ideas?

Could it be that long gone are the days that an idea – such as the telephone – can never be created again? Thank you Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 when the patent was granted. Wikipedia

The telephone however was not just an idea it was a new invention. The modern evolving phones such as when Apple released the IPhone are a new was of making an old idea felt!

There are no new ideas. There are only new ways of making them felt. Audre Lorde

As the above quote suggests I am of the opinion that there are no new ideas, no new quotes, no new ways of anything. has a poll that would suggest otherwise, based on the votes collected. The vast majority of their poll respondents suggested that there are new ideas constantly forming.

We are all just achieving a different perception based on our own knowledge.

It is however more than possible for us to create a whole new meaning for a whole new audience based on an old, tired and used idea.

Such as the telephone it is constantly being recreated but it still achieves its original idea or purpose for its creation. defines an idea as – any conception existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness or activity.

If there are no knew idea’s then who really owns an idea? I know that patent lawyers and the like would love to explain this to me. However even a product with a patent isn’t really a new idea. It is a combination of ideas brought together to create another idea. This final idea with it’s registered patent isn’t new it is a combination of old ideas which are now perceived differently due to understanding, awareness and activity.

For small business operators it is important to realise that your idea is not new but it a combination of old ideas which can now be perceived differently by your client base. It is through your understanding, awareness and activity that you create a new experience for your clients.

In creating this experience your job is to show your clients why they must choose you over all the other idea options available today.

Remember there are no new ideas so how do you create an experience or perception of an idea that is unique to your business!

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