Is there Competition in your Industry?

This question probably leaves you saying – OF COURSE THERE IS, Kelly has gone crazy!

Competition is the best thing that you can possibly have in any industry. Most if not all small business have completion of some shape or form.

  • What do you do about this competition?
  • Do you worry?
  • Do you stay up at night?
  • Do you focus on your business and keep moving forward?

Yes the last one – Remember that there is only one of you, so if you are a small business or micro business, chances are that you are doing many aspects of the business. Your business is all about you and the unique position that you create in your industry.

Let’s look at business coaches, business advisers or whatever you want to call me. There are a plethora of them to choose from. Men, women, young, old, experience, no experience, one size fits all approach, unique customised approach, etc.

What I suggest is that you choose the one who has the brand message and value that resonates with you. The one that represents themselves in a way that you see as a good fit for you and your business. The most expensive is not always the best and the cheapest is not always the best. It is about the value that they can deliver to your business in taking it to where you want it to be.

Your business

As a small business owner this is something that you also need to think about. How does what you offer suit some people and not others? Know that it is ok that some people will not want what you have and that will be their choice for a variety of reasons. You cannot please everyone!

Now back to competition

You need to have competition as what you offer does not suit everyone so those people need to see your competition so their needs can be met. It is less about you and more about the client having their needs met.

So while there is always competition, you don’t really have competition, as no one is you!

Now you need to present your offering in a way that is uniquely you. Your brand must be represented in a way that is uniquely your own and shows the identity of your business. From here you show the full value of what you have to prospective clients and ultimately from here they decide if your business is for them.

Naturally if you need help in presenting your business in this way – I can help.

Don’t be worried about your competition stick to worrying about how you can deliver a better job and a better product to your clients. Hopefully though, your competition are focussed on you while you are busy doing business, they will be busy going out of business.

Make sure that your value delivered is twice the price of the money that you charge and you will have happy clients long term.

Package your service/products in a way that is appealing and represents a high level of value to your clients and what they are looking for.

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