Launching a new business

Is this a question you are currently asking or perhaps you have asked previously? Remember that even if you have already launched there may be things you can do now to gain a little more momentum for your business.

Key ingredients to launch

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Where are your ideal clients?
  • Are you going to do a soft launch prior to your official launch?
  • What mediums will you use both online and offline?
  • How long will the launch run?
  • Are you networking?
  • How are you standing out in the market place?
  • Spend any money wisely as there is so much you can do for little or no cost.
  • What is your call to action?

If you cannot answer these questions, contact me today for a brainstorming session to get you on track.

What do you need to do to maximise the potential for success with this launch?

  • Plan, Plan, Plan and keep tweaking those plans
  • The launch never stops
  • You must continue promoting long term by having a strategy
  • Collaborate with other complementary businesses
  • Utilise as many free resources as you can
  • Have a great call to action
  • Don’t panic if everything isn’t perfect, your clients will help you with this

Utilise a business plan or marketing plan to help you.

What if I am inundated with work?

  • Chances are this won’t happen, sorry!
  • If you are that is awesome and I congratulate you but for the vast majority you may experience a let down here.
  • You must manage your expectations and continue to move forward.

This may help to manage your expectations – Sassy Mind Strength

How do you keep the momentum going?

This is a tricky one as everything you have been doing is to lead you to this very moment of launch – Now what!

  • You must keep marketing your business
  • Tell everyone who will listen
  • Keep coming up with new ideas
  • Keep meeting new people
  • Ensure your marketing plan has you doing something everyday to promote your business
  • Ask for and get help if you need it
  • Don’t lose focus

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