Leads – Where are they

Now, you are running your business and it seems like all of a sudden you have no leads anywhere or with anyone.

What are you doing?

All year round, even when you are busy you need to keep up the strategies that work – NEVER PUT THEM ON HOLD.

To keep things rolling all year round, you need:

  • Great content
  • Client recognition
  • Word of Mouth
  • Great Clients

So now that the leads have run dry.

Speak to your competition

In all reality the people you think are your competition, often are not. They offer different things, a different price point, a different offering. What this means is that when I client doesn’t suit their business model they may be able to pass it on to you and vice versa.

Stay local

Look to the area immediately surrounding your business and figure out ways that you can capture leads in your immediate area. There may be other business owners you know that you can reconnect with, set up a local networking group, door knock, whatever it takes.

Look at your data

Look at an industry area that you have done great work for in the past. How can you contact every other business and tell them about the great work you have previously done. Use social media and the Internet to create a database of prospects ready to contact.

Look at your Clients

How can you use your existing clients to tell people about your business?

  • Ask them for referrals
  • Share their testimonials (just like the image attached to this post)
  • Perhaps you can send work to them

Cold Call

Yes, it is hard, but so is going out of business. Use the list you created in the previous point and start looking to arrange meetings with the right people.

Know your stuff

Hopefully, you have some meetings planned. Make sure you know you stuff and go along to these meetings with your game face on. Leave them with no other choice but to throw money at you.

Don’t be desperate

Finally don’t be so desperate that you undersell your offering. Only quote for what you will be happy to do the work for and happy to lose the work for!

In conclusion, don’t stop trying to generate more leads, create a strategic plan of attack and get out there. If you do nothing your business will inevitably die. Remember the reasons you went into business to start with, take that passion and run with it.

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