Looking after your ideal client

Knowing your ideal client is one thing – looking after them properly is a whole other aspect you need to master in your small business.

As regular followers of My Sassy Business will know, identifying your ideal client is the starting point. From here, now that you know who they are – How do they like to be treated and ultimately looked after as a client/customer?

* Do you have a set of values for your client?

* This is the way that you look after them and ensure they are happy. Naturally this varies depending on your business and your customer.

* What do they like – email, social media, etc.?

* Are they savvy people looking for the best deal?

* Do they like to have the latest products?

* Are they looking for new experiences?

* Is free shipping important?

Example: If you have a coffee shop do you try to remember your regular clients order? Do you see them coming and start making the coffee before they have even ordered? Do you have a rewards card so that after a certain number the next is free.

These are just a few very simple ways you can look after your customer and keep them coming back each day.

What if you have an online store?

* Do you offer express postage?

* Do you offer free postage?

* Do you wrap your goods in a special way that makes your client feel they have received a gift?

* Do you throw in your business card or postcard?

* How often do you email them with new products or offers?

* Is your social media connecting with them several times a day?

* What do you have that will keep people coming back to purchase from you again and again?

Something else!
Are your customers/clients likely to be one off? If this is the case how do you get them to tell people about your wonderful service or offering?

How do you present your business so that you entice new clients on a regular basis?

Most importantly!

Don’t get carried away with specials, discounts, freebies etc. What ever you are doing to get your customers coming back for more, it must into your business model. Deliver the benefits to them for coming back to you and this doesn’t just have to always be a discount.

Help is at hand

If you need help getting your clients coming back for more, then schedule an idea generating session with Kelly today.

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