Low cost ways to market your Small Business – Every small business owner is looking to promote his or her business in the most cost effective way possible. Here are some ideas that you can use in your marketing plan.

Does your Community know you?

Is your business known in the community that you live and work in? Can you get better known through, sponsoring a sporting group, attending community events? Having signage on your car and getting to know your community.

Create a Buzz

Can you create a buzz about your product or service? Is it something fun that people will want to try out? Is it newsworthy, can you organize an event that will create a buzz about your business?If you have a specific niche this is even easier to create a buzz.

Have and use an Elevator Pitch?

Everyone has heard about the elevator pitch, but does your work! If you haven’t heard about it, then keep reading. Your elevator pitch must illicit conversation, for example “I Inspire Small Business for Success”. Ideally the person you are speaking with will then say, “That sounds interesting, how do you do that”? What does your elevator pitch say about your business? Does it inspire people to ask more questions, will you use it at your next networking event?

What about Collaboration

Is there another business or businesses that you could work with and generate business together? Collaboration can be very exciting; perhaps you can collaborate with another business and organize a talk in your community about a topic of interest. The main reason to collaborate is to be able to refer business to each other. So if you have several collaborations this increases the chances of this happening. If the business that you collaborate with is similar perhaps you can work together on a large job or tender.

What about giving a talk

We mentioned this above with collaboration but it is also something you can do alone. You may attend an event as a key speaker. Speaking at a networking event or similar then you are there as an expert in your field with a ready audience. Arrange an event yourself with you as the keynote speaker.

Give it away

Shout from the rooftops as to your expertise! Give away your knowledge in the form of blogs, forum discussions, comments on blogs, social media posts and talks. There are so many ways that you can show off your knowledge level and allow it to generate business for your business. If what you give away is valuable, then imagine what you can offer to a paid client. An essential low cost way to market your small business!

Referrals are great

This is by far the best way to gain new business. It is important to have a system for referrals so that people know how they can refer business to you. Create a process and let people know about that process. It can be as simple as just getting your referrer to send an email to the potential client, with you copied in and noting that they recommend you. From here you have an email address that you can follow up with.

Networking is vital

As part of your business success, the number one way you can do this is with networking at events. All Small Business should be going to and gaining clients from networking. If this is not the case then you need to try new events or new networking techniques.

What low cost marketing are you doing each week?

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