Marketing for the New Year – Are you ready with plan in hand to start the New Year running? Have you been so organized that you have already written a month by month program for 2014 and you know what you are doing each week to market your business in 2014?

Chances are that you haven’t and perhaps during your time off this week, you are planning to do just that. If you have an overall marketing plan for your business that you use it is time for review and if you haven’t it is time to start. A one page marketing plan can give you the perfect vision for what you will do throughout the year and why.

When making your marketing plan for the new year it is important to remember that it does not have to be set in stone, you can change it along the way. Make sure that as you write your plans you take the time to think about your customers and make sure that your message is always in front of where they are. There is no point advertising in a publication that your ideal client doesn’t read.

Work out the budget for what you are going to spend throughout the year and think about what has worked in the past to generate your best inquiries in the past. What new ideas can you come up with to best spend your marketing dollar, even the smallest budget can be spent wisely to generate the most interest.

2014 presents an opportunity to do something new and different in your business, so make 2014 the year that you and your business can shine. Get organized and get the year off on the right foot. Write your marketing plan today!

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