Mindfulness for Busy People – Reading a recent article by Paul von Bergen, Owner of Billabong Mindfulness Retreat, I was struck by the need to use this technique more often.

As a busy person, mother, wife, small business owner and business coach I have often used mindfulness but clearly not to it’s full ability.

Most, I am sure will have heard of mindfulness but this technique is something that is being used more and more in the corporate world by executives. It is being used to make executives more resilient and helps with their ability to respond rather than react to surrounding stimuli.

Small business can learn here from the corporate world and adapt this wisdom that has been used for thousands of years. Mindfulness is currently being researched through universities in the fields of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, meta-cognition and emotional intelligence.

Paul von Bergen explains that mindfulness has been shown to actually grow the part of the brain tissue in the frontal cerebral cortex. This area is responsible for the functions of paying attention, emotional regulation and sensory management.

Paul goes on further to explain that the use of mindfulness adds value to your life and makes your brain more efficient and robust. The use of mindfulness allows the brain to be more focused and in turn more evolved.

If small business owners can embrace some of the techniques offered through mindfulness then perhaps their hard working lives will be better managed. As small business owners we are all wearing many hats to try and achieve a daily work/life balance.

The use of mindfulness techniques may just allow small business owners to perform at their optimum level and experience new patterns that serve them better.

Note: I have never used his retreat but his recent article made sense to me from a small business perspective. www.billabongretreat.com.au if you would like more information about what they offer.

In concluding I urge you to look into this technique if you are looking at a new way to manage your stress and reactionary levels.

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