Networking event, now what – Chances are that once you leave a networking event you will have a handful of business cards and information about these people that you didn’t have before. What now!

The first thing you need to do is take notes (If required), this way you may have an interesting topic to bring up when you next speak or email them. Following up is best done over the next couple of days and can be done by email or phone, but email is usually the least obtrusive.

Sending a quick email to say how nice it was to meet them and perhaps a bit about the event, remember this is NOT a sales email. If however there was something that you particularly needed to send to them following you conversation at the networking event, make sure you do so.

If you are a regular user on LinkedIn this can be a chance to add to your connections and while they are familiar with you they are more likely to accept the connection.

Networking can be a very powerful tool and I hope that all businesses see it as one that they can use to grow their business. Personally I know of some businesses that would not exist if they did not go to networking events. Their entire client base is from these occasions and getting to know people. Meeting someone once doesn’t guarantee they will be your next client but when you have the opportunity to meet them several times you increase trust and they are more inclined to then purchase from or refer to you.

Remembering too that you have the chance at all these events to let people know about the benefit you deliver as a business. Make sure you get this information across to whomever you meet, but maybe listen to the other person first as this creates the first stages of a relationship.

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