Networking your Business Locally

I wanted to discuss the benefits of networking your business, as this will ultimately give you long-term success for your and your brand.

There are so many benefits for being part of a business community that are beyond just potentially gaining new clients. Friendship, advice, new clients, referrals and more are all part of the benefits of networking.

When you decide that you are in business one thing that can be forgotten is Networking. People often say; “Networking events are boring” “They are not for me” etc. This can be true as some events are incredibly boring and not suitable for every business.

It is important that you trial a few in your area, local ones, industry specific, BNI, meet up groups, Beaches Connect, Chambers of commerce, etc. By attending several events you will soon gain a feel for the ones that work best for you.

Think about where you are networking and what you want to be known for in the area you are networking in. Example: Kelly Robinson Small Business Adviser Northern Beaches. This way local people who want to see me face to face know that I am local and the local events I attend they get to know where my office is.

Beaches Connect as example puts on events with key speakers who can teach you various snippets of information to help you in your business. A recent event had 3 speakers and 30 people in attendance. Such a good way to meet new people and business owners, not to mention learn something new too.

Once you have picked ones that suit then add them to your calendar and make sure you are a regular visitor. Take the time to read a blog that we posted a while ago “You have been to a networking event – Now What” this will help to understand what you need to do following an event.

It is not just networking that it important you and your business – getting to know other business owners once you are away from any events is where the magic happens.

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As an example once you are able to meet people you connect with they become your referral partners. These partners are now working as marketing agents for your business.

If every time you attend a networking function or event you happen to meet 2 people then that is 2 new potential marketing agents for your business.

So don’t wait until when you have the chance, make time and schedule in your next networking event or seminar for your business today.

Do you prefer breakfast, lunch or evening networking events? Personally I like the day time ones.

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