If you are looking to start a business there are many things to consider but the main one has to be “How will I survive without regular income”!

Could I quit my day job and have my own Sassy Business! – Most people can’t live for free so you need to create a financial situation where you can work out how long you can survive without a regular income. This is going to be different for everyone, if you have a partner, perhaps they are earning enough to support you both until your business is returning profits. If not you need to save and allocate a budget for survival, open your entrepreneur account and start saving.

Work out exactly how much you need on a weekly basis and multiply it out for 6 to 12 months at minimum. Plus a contingency if your business profits take longer than planned to return an income to you.

Beyond this you need to also need to work out your start-up costs to begin and run your business. We have a start-up guide at My Sassy Business that makes this much easier to estimate. You will need to do a lot of research yourself too just to make sure that you account for everything.

Writing a business plan is not much fun but it will help you plan for what you want to do and the goals that you want to achieve. Our Strategic Business Plan will get you on track in just 1 page and 1 day, now that has to be fun!

There is no time like the present, make a plan today to be the entrepreneur you have always dreamed you could be. Take an educated jump in with both feet into small business and we will be there to stand beside you so you are not ever alone. Your success is our success!

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