Sassy Networking

Networking as defined by  is creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit.

Being a part of any group membership allows you the opportunity to grow your business. Networking includes both online opportunity like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and offline opportunities which include groups like Women’s Networking, BNI, Chambers of Commerce, sporting groups and more.

If you are regularly networking you will know that the relationships you build allow you to grow both your knowledge and your business. If you are not being an active part of these opportunities then you may wonder why you feel isolated in your business or your business is struggling with little growth.

There are generally 2 types of personality and you fall into an introvert or extravert category. If you are in introvert then networking offline will be a challenge for you but once you do it you will realise that it is not as difficult as you first thought. The first step is to be open for people to come to you and ask about your business. Be ready to answer, who you are, what you do and the benefit you deliver. Extraverts will do the same thing but they will most likely be coming up to the introverts.

Make sure you go home from each offline networking event with at least 3 new business contacts and send them an email the next day to mention how nice it was to meet them and that you look forward to crossing paths again in the future.

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