Small Business Ideas – Low-Cost Startup

Lot’s of people want to be self-employed, but how do you decide which business is the best one for you?

The following ideas are a mix of higher-skilled and lower-skilled small businesses to suit various people so don’t be concerned if you have no professional training. They are all very inexpensive to start up and usually can be run from your home, at least in the beginning.

small business ideas

The following small business set up costs will range from as low as $1000 up to $10,000.

This list won’t cover absolutely every career but it may give you the ideas you are looking for. If you need help marketing the idea, speak with Kelly Robinson at My Sassy Business.

Higher Skilled – Will require professional training and/or qualifications

Accountant – Yes you need qualifications and ongoing learning with this small business but it is very affordable to start up. It can be run from home quite easily and rather than have clients come to your home you can meet them at theirs.

Computer repair – Mobile computer repair technician can have you travelling to both business and residential clients to sort out their tech issues.

Knowledge-Based Consultant – This type of business allows you to use your skills in marketing, human resource, training, team building etc. to consult with larger businesses. You will take your expertise into a business and aid that business.

Boat cleaning/maintenance – Many people own boats and someone has to look after them. The cleaning, oiling of timber, washing of windows and more can all be part of a wonderful small business.

Chimney Sweep – The maintenance and repair of chimneys are essential for anyone who owns a fireplace. While not every house in Australia has a fireplace if you are living in the cooler parts of the country there will be a reasonable demand for this service.

Bicycle Repair – Yes this business can be run from home, especially when you are just getting started. Many people own bicycles and they do need maintenance. You could specialise your service in looking after professional athletes and weekend warriors who are more likely to need frequent maintenance.

Electronics/Appliance Repair – TV, stereo, microwave, toaster, fridge, washing machine etc. All these things can be repaired rather than replaced and you are likely going to travel to your clients. Perfect home-based business.

Private Detective – More and more people including insurance agencies are using private detectives. Wives trying to catch their husbands out and husbands trying to catch their wives out doing the wrong thing. Insurance companies watching people who have made claims to ensure they are genuine. Yes, you will need a license to practice.

Financial Planner – People all want to know that they are making their money work hard for them. An independent financial planner can help with this and your startup plus running costs are very low with this type of business.

Personal Trainer or Sports Coach – One to one and group training is popular. People are weekend warriors and doing triathlons and much more. To be able to be personally trained can help with their competitive edge and give you an opportunity to own your own business.

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Electricity Auditor – Perhaps you are an electrician who has had enough of the hard work associated with your industry. Now you could audit people’s homes and businesses and provide them with a solution to control their electricity costs.

Building Inspector – Perhaps you are a builder who has had enough of the hard manual workload. Pre-purchase building inspections are essential for homebuyers and you need very few tools to complete your work.

Property Manager – Real estate property managers look after residential or commercial properties for the owners. You can operate this type of business from home quite easily and build a good book of properties, which earn you a rolling income.

Small Engine Repairer – Lawn Mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers and more need repairs and maintenance. Both professional business owners and homeowners need to have this equipment maintained and serviced.

Graphic Designer & Illustrator – While these are two separate businesses they can be closely related as prior to computers they often were one and the same. These creative businesses are perfect to operate from home and will give you the opportunity to work with both businesses and individuals.

Mobile Hair Stylist – A lower-cost option for hairdressers to be self-employed is to have a mobile business rather than a salon. This type of business can be very flexible and it gives you a niche in the market place.

Landscape Architect – The designing of landscaping is a highly skilled profession but one that can be run from home or a mobile office. The bulk of your set up costs are going to be ensuring that you have the right technology (computer) for the work.

Massage Therapist – Mobile massage therapy can be taken to the home or office. Many bosses are treating their employees with a quick massage throughout the day to just give them a boost.

Music Tutor – If you have extended skills is one or a few musical instruments then being a tutor could be for you. You have the option of one to one tutoring or running small classes.

Website Designer or Developer – While there are many of these types of businesses if you can create a niche for your offering it can be a flexible business to run.

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Home Day Care – Family daycare and the need for childcare in general, is massive and places generally fill very quickly. Through your local council authority, you can run a family daycare from home. See your local council for rules and regulations.

Wills & Estate Planning Lawyer – As a mobile business you can meet your clients in their home where they feel more comfortable.

Conveyancer – As a mobile business you can meet your clients in their home where they feel more comfortable or do most of the work over the internet.

Virtual Assistant – Many businesses are outsourcing aspects of their businesses that they don’t have time for. A virtual assistant business does anything from calendar management to taking calls and typing letters.

Small Business Ideas

Lower-Skilled – May not require professional training but may require experience

Computer Skills Trainer – You may have the skills to teach people how to use their computer or specific programs that you have knowledge of.

Fence Installer – Most homes have a fence and they need replacing over time. These skills will see you working in the outdoors and able to run from a home office or kitchen table.

De-cluttering Service / Professional Organizer – In the 21st century we all have a lot of stuff. This had lead to the need for us to de-clutter from time to time. The task in itself can be arduous so often people are looking for help. Once you have cleared the clutter and you know what you are keeping, a professional organizer can get you on track.

Moving Service – Rather than a big truck often people just need some furniture picked up and moved but they don’t own a Ute. As a moving service, you can provide this service.

Dog Walker – While we are all busy working the dog still needs to be walked. A professional dog walker comes along and takes your dog out for their daily exercise so that you don’t have to worry.

Dog Groomer – Rather than take your dog to the groomers’ people are having a mobile washer and groomer come to the house.

Pet Sitting Service – Rather than take your pets to the kennel it is common to have a pet sitter come in or live with the pets while the owner is away. It is less stressful for the pets as they get to stay home and with live-in care they are not lonely.

Copywriter – A copywriter will write for websites, blogs, training manuals, brochures and more. They produce the content that people don’t have the time or ability to do so.

Proofreader / Editing – If you are writing your own content or a book/booklet then a proofreader or editor will ensure that you have written well and produced correct content.

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Mobile Makeup Artist – This service is in demand for weddings, special occasions, formals and more. Being mobile you can travel to your clients and make them beautiful.

Residential Gardener/Lawn Mower – A very easy business to run from home and to get started in the beginning.

Residential Cleaning – Starting and running this business is quite easy but just like any business you need to make some plans and learn how to get clients. Don’t forget that there are many areas in cleaning that you can specialize, window, carpet, car, oven, and more.

eBay Seller – eBay is something that a lot of people are familiar with. Did you know that you can set up a business selling other peoples items and you take a commission on the item? Not to mention you can sell any of your own unwanted items and make money there too.

Event Planning – Are you a great organizer? Do you love putting plans together for an occasion? Event planning or wedding planning could be for you.

Market Seller – Having a market stall selling handmade items, food or a product you have sourced can be a great business. Yes, you have to work weekends but there are minimal setup costs and your rent is very low compared to having a retail shop.

Interior Decorator / Designer – The designing and decoration of spaces are two different things but there is often an overlap with the two. You can have this sort of business running from home and consulting to people who need help in these areas.

Photographer – Experience and qualifications in this industry make a difference to the outcome of the images. So too does specialising in the work you cover. Don’t try to be a one-stop photography shop. Pick an area and really specialize, this way you can market your business easily and people know what you can do.

Jewellery Designer/Maker – Fine silver and gold or fashion accessories that you can sell online or via a market stall, even provide wholesale to other stores.

Personal Concierge – This type of business is a simple call to you the concierge to do whatever they need. Buy tickets, pick up dry cleaning, and arrange a dinner etc. For the customer, it is a bit like having a personal assistant but without the full-time wage expense.

Furniture Upholstering – Chairs, stools, couches and more all can require a refresh to make them new again. Skills in this area can see you running a business and providing this service.

Up-cycling 2nd Hand Furniture – Redesigning, restyling, painting etc. can all change how an old piece of furniture looks and make it new again.

Gift Service – Buying a gift for someone and sending it with a card can easily be managed via a website. As the business owner, you can run this type of service for people to save them the run around that this task can be. Gift baskets or boxes all from the one place gives people a choice of what they would like to send.

Graffiti Removal – All public areas have an issue with graffiti and someone needs to remove them. There are various pressure cleaners and products to make this process available to be run as a business.

Bed & Breakfast – If your home is one that would suit people coming to stay and is nearby to attractions and transport, this business could be good for you. A love of meeting new people and looking after them is a great way to bring in money and use your home as a business.

Business Plan Writing Service – Writing a business plan so that someone can borrow money takes skill and can be a small business of its own.

Resume Writing Service – If you have experience in human resources then writing up resumes for job hunters can be a good way to run a business. If you are able then you can add career advice to the resume service too.

Phew, 50 small business ideas to contemplate

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