Small Business is Hard Work

Tell me something I don’t know – Is that what you are saying after reading this title?

As micro or small business owners we have to wear every hat, from the administration through to the rubbish removal, onto sales and marketing. Not all of these jobs are fun and they are not the reason that we started our businesses.

A lot of people start a business because they see a gap in the market, they know they can do the work better that others, they have a passion, they want to work for themselves. People begin a small business with a dream, an idea, and possibly some type of plan.

Few people start a small business with the realisation of just how difficult it is going to be and the ongoing effort required to maintain and sustain their business. I referred to this in a recent blog about Micro Business in Australia.

There is rarely “If I build it they will come”, the vast majority of success stories take hard work and there is not always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Not to be all doom and gloom but hard work is a reality!

The early stages

In the early days of your small business you will find yourself doing things that you never thought possible. Introverts will see themselves climbing out of their comfort zone and extraverts may have to tone it down a bit to mange their clients’ expectations.

It is vital in the early stages that the majority of your time is spent finding people who will buy what you have on offer. If it is a product or service or both that you are selling, this has to be the number one objective for your business.

Know your weaknesses and do something about it! Don’t be too proud to put your hand up and say I need help with this. It may be your admin, sales, website, marketing, computer skills, advice etc. get the help you need.

Kelly Robinson and My Sassy Business can help you. I work with people and their budgets to come up with a solution that will work for them. My clients can then leave a session with a plan to move forward and to do the things that matter in their small business. Naturally the work begins following each session as this is where the magic happens that take your business forward towards where you hope for it to be.


Beyond the early stages you have an ongoing business that still requires plenty of work and this work may still be on your own. This means that you are 100% responsible for keeping everything going and moving forward.

You must continue to make time to review where you are and what you are doing. Make sure that you are doing the things that take your business forward. Don’t just keep doing the same things and expect that you will receive a different result. Take a regular step back from your business and view it through different eyes.

Taking a step back is something that I regularly get me clients to do. You need to review your business using the eyes of your clients, how do they see and how do they perceive you? How can you better present your business to them?

The Payoff

Beyond all this hard work is the joy that is small business. You as a small or micro business operator have the ability to design your business to fit into your lifestyle. It is your business and the choices you make will reflect in the payoffs that you receive.

Perhaps your business allows you to finish at 3pm to pick up the kids from school and then you are back working once they are sleeping. Maybe your business means that you can work from home or that you only need to work 4 days each week.

Perhaps the one and only payoff is that you are calling the shots and you only have to answer to yourself. Regardless of the reason aim to be the best you can be in your small business.

The payoff for me is that when my clients work hard they are rewarded; this means I get to see successful hard working clients achieving their goals and I get to cheer on from the side lines.

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