Technology to empower me – Small Business is very fortunate to have the availability of affordable technology to help their business be more profitable, faster, stronger and much more.

If you have a love of technology you may already know of items that make a huge difference to how you run your business today. I recently heard of a restaurant which uses an IPad to take the orders. At the end of each week the owner can see which items on the menu were the most popular and review his menu accordingly. All from a simple report that previously would have been just a guess from leftovers. Or it would have taken a lot of time to go through all the dockets for the week. Another uses them just for the deserts so that people can see how wonderful the dessert looks and they then want to order it.

This is just one idea but technology in our smart phones, computers, tablets and then the storage of all this information into the cloud, makes things easier than ever. I mentioned the cloud, by storing all your data in the cloud there is no need to constantly back up and fear the loss of data at any time.

IT professionals can really stream line things in your business and it is worth speaking to a consultant and see what they can do for you and your business.

For My Sassy Business we are empowered by a laptop and smart phone. We can continue to work anywhere at any time and save my work in the cloud to again access it from anywhere and from any computer. It is hard to remember a time without technology!

What technology do you use to empower yourself and your business?

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