The Benefits of Hiring for Small Business – Guest Post by Hire Intelligence

Small Business comes is many shapes and sizes so this week My Sassy Business is pleased to present you with a guest post from the Australia hire business Hire Intelligence.

When it comes to the day-to- day running of small businesses, there is certainly plenty to think about. From HR and finance, maintenance and recruitment, the to-do list for small companies is endless. But when it comes to providing your workplace with suitable equipment, there is a solution which can help facilitate the smooth-running of your business and take a large amount of undue stress away.

Hiring equipment can not only reduce stress, but ensures your business is receiving the very latest technology. A versatile choice, there is a whole range of equipment available for hire which is suitable for all business sectors and workforce sizes.

There are countless reasons why it makes sound business sense to hire your equipment, whether for short or long-term hire, a conference, training seminar or for general day-to-day use, hiring equipment puts you one step ahead and alleviates the stress of having to buy and maintain your own equipment.


When it comes to establishing and growing your business, investing in the very latest technology can put a huge dent in your budget and weigh heavily on the purse strings.

If you are in pursuit of the very latest technology at an affordable price, hiring equipment can help avoid costly purchases when you are trying to get your business off the ground. If you’re keen to get going, hire equipment enables you to avoid any potential delays which could be encountered trying to free up capital to buy equipment outright. Renting your tech provides the flexibility you require at an affordable price and can help to reduce company capital expenditure. There are also a range of tax benefits (speak with your own financial advisors for details relating to your business).

Time Efficient

When you run a small business, time is at an absolute premium. It is therefore crucial that your day is spent focussing your attention on the right things.

Hiring your IT and AV equipment is a far more efficient use of your time than making lists of equipment and spending precious time searching for these. Not to mention the tedious time-consuming task of having to install and set up each and every piece of equipment and installing these in your workplace. Free up your time for more crucial tasks by making the wise decision to hire your equipment, and reap the benefits of fast installation and setup.

Maintenance Free

Nothing can be more irritating then seeing your day swallowed up due to tedious and time-consuming maintenance issues.

Hiring equipment eradicates the need for maintaining your business technology. If issues are encountered with your tech, these can be easily resolved by new replacements being sent if required. This saves time which would be spent waiting for the manufacturers to fix any issues.

This not only saves you precious time, but money as well.

Try Before You Buy

When you have a small business, it is crucial to ensure that you and your staff are comfortable with the equipment they use on a daily basis, and the technical equipment within your business completely compliments and meet the demands of your industry and the needs of your workers.

Trialling equipment before you make the decision to invest in it unlocks a great deal of flexibility and ensures you and your staff are completely happy with the technology on offer. Purchasing equipment outright restricts you into making a potentially hasty decision, and having to rely solely on your judgement without having a crucial test with the vast amount of tech on offer. An equipment trial gives you the chance to see if it is completely suited and fulfils your needs but also helps to inform you if a different type of device is required.

Reliable Equipment

We’ve all been there, trying desperately to reboot our IT equipment with little hope, fix our mouse and avoid the dread that comes when the blue screen pops up.

Whether it’s tackling trying to work remotely, or battling with slow-running programs, this can cause a drain on time and impact the productivity of your staff. Renting up-to-date and reliable equipment which has been constantly checked and maintained helps avoid unwanted downtime and delays which can seriously affect the profitability and running of your business.

Meet Peak Demands

Many small businesses experience peak times throughout their calendars, at times needing to hire more resources and expand. This may be on a temporary basis, such as during seasonal periods like Christmas. Avoid being forced to invest in technology for your temporary staff by making the wise and flexible decision of hiring your equipment instead.

Expert Support

Unless you’re a technical genius, it can be extremely daunting to resolve technical issues with your IT and AV equipment if ever anything goes wrong.

Personal, expert support is readily available when you hire your equipment, alleviating the need to rely on complex and unclear technical user manuals. Hiring your tech also means that individual items can easily updated and replaced as and when they are needed.

Having expert support on hand makes for a much less stressful working environment and helps support the smooth daily running of your business.

Guest post by Hire Intelligence

Established in 1992, Hire Intelligence is a market leader in short-term computer rental equipment in Australia.

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