Therapist or Business Coach

While every person has ‘stuff’ to deal with, a small business owner has things like focus, goals, anxiety and most likely frustrations to deal with. This is where a Business Coach can be almost equivalent to a therapist for purely personal issues.

A while ago I wrote a very popular post to define the differences between a Business Coach, Business Adviser and Business Mentor, it is worth a read.

A Business Coach is there to provide you with support, additional business knowledge, accountability, no BS, no judgment and much more.

Like all industries the Business Coaches to choose from vary greatly as do their costs. It is vital though not to think of price first, you must find someone who will gel well with you and your business plus one that will provide you with what you are looking for.

Standard rates will be from under $100 per hour to over $500 per hour or more. Some will have monthly rates, some will ask you to pay upfront some will ask you to pay following each session.

Most importantly don’t just hire based on price or their ability to agree with you. A good business coach or adviser will push back on you, challenge your ideas and plans and much more. Naturally most business advisers will provide you with a free session to get an idea of what you are to expect when you work with them.

Each Session

Regardless of your business each session should be designed to talk about you and your business. If you have a one-hour session it should be all about you, your focus, your goals, your challenges and as I mentioned, you.

These sessions are time that you schedule in to work on your business. You take this solid block of time to work on your own business and the plans that you have for your business.

Business Acumen and Accountability

A business coach deals with many different types of businesses and this helps to increase their knowledge on a daily basis. There may be aspects of your business that you struggle with and a business coach can help you move forward and through these challenges.

Having a business coach that will keep you accountable to the achievement of your goals over time. You as the business owner will also find yourself motivated to achieve. Ideally you want to be achieving between each session and your business coach keeps you accountable to those achievements.

No BS and No Judgment

As your business coach is a paid professional they don’t have to worry about your feelings in the way that a friend would if they were helping you. A business coach can call you on ensuring you are doing what you said you would do. The coaching relationship is based on making sure you succeed in your business and not about a warm and fuzzy friendship. On the other side there is also no judgment, if you get off track the business coach is there to get you back on track towards achieving your goals.

So if you need accountability, a check on your business sanity, business knowledge or just someone to talk with without judgment, then a business coach is for you. A business coach is the one person who genuinely wants to see you take your business to the next level.

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