Top 5 ways to gain more free time – Are you trying to juggle many tasks and struggling to fit it all in everyday of the week?

At My Sassy Business we are all about making your life as a small business entrepreneur easier. We use our entrepreneur education to do this and we aim to deliver articles like this one to help you with the tips and hints we come across on a regular basis.

Here is our guide for juggling all the tasks of being a small business entrepreneur. The Top 5 ways to gain more free time.

1) Have and use your business plan:

Your business plan is a fluid document; we suggest that you use our one page business plan to make specific goals within your business. This plan can be used for your whole business and then also broken down and used for individual tasks.

2) Utilize a scheduler for social media posts:

There are many available to choose from, Hootsuite, Post planner, bufferapp and there are others too. At My Sassy Business we use Bufferapp as this one covers our needs very well. What you can do with any of these is set and forget your posts for days, weeks, and months in advance.

3) Schedule your blog posts:

I hope that you are using a blog to create new and interesting content for your site. As you are probably writing one a week or at the least one a fortnight you don’t want to have to remember to do this. Sit down and allocate yourself time to write 8 or 10 and then schedule them to appear and be shared via your site, social media, newsletter etc. For those of you with a wordpress website this is very easy to do.

4) Have and use your marketing plan:

Your marketing plan is a fluid document; we suggest that you use our one page marketing plan to make your specific goals that you are hoping to achieve throughout the year. Make them timely and achievable plus create the steps required to complete them.

5) Finally learn to say no:

You don’t have to go to every networking event on the calendar. Work out the ones that are beneficial for your business and book in to those ones. It is vital that you make wise choices with your business networking and ensure that you follow up after you have been to a networking event.

How are you going to use your free time now?

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