Following the first part of the Top 9 Calls to Action we present you with the remaining calls to action and we are sure that you will be able to try some if not all these options to make your clients take action when you want them to.

Banner call to action – A banner can be perfect for a special and great for when you have someone who is going to just scan your page. If someone is scanning you can lead them straight to your best deals.

Push meSimple button call to action – This simple button is most likely to call people to action on a download one of your electronic items – the push me button on the left here directs you to our workbook to Get More Clients Today. If you are wanting people to sign up, buy something, go to a squeeze page, whatever – A simple button can give people an easy call to action and it can be positioned within text too.

Sneak attack call to action – A sneak attack may be on your page showing what other people who purchased this item also purchased or looked at. This gives people instant ideas on what else they may like to purchase from your store. It makes people look through more items and stay on your website longer, shopping around for more and filling up their shopping cart.

Call to action with proof – Testimonials from other happy customers following purchasing something really helps to call new clients to action on your website. If they see how wonderful it was for someone else then it is bound to replicate that situation with the new purchaser.

Pop up call to action – Some people love these and some people hate them, I happen to be right in the middle. It is a perfect opportunity for people to sign up to your list and I really think that this is the best use. Pop ups on every page however, are not so appealing. Think about your clients and how they will like or hate you doing this on your site.

Now you have 9 ways that you can call to action please let us know how any or all of these work for you!

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