The need for a call to action always remains, your business will do so much more business if your clients know when they need to buy from you. This is where a call to action needs to be a part of all your marketing efforts so you can maximize your return.

Use a subtle link as you call to action – this subtle link can send people where you would like them to go on your site to make a purchase. Social media is a powerful tool for this as if you are wanting people to like your facebook page then all you need is to allow them a simple link and they can go straight there. If you want people to buy a workbook then you can direct them to your learning page.

If you have an e-commerce site then you will already have a blog – right!

55% more visits are attracted to a site with a blog than without a blog!

Ask a question as your call to action – Because you have written a fantastic blog you can now finish it with a question and this way people will hopefully become engaged by your content and want to leave a comment. Perhaps they enjoyed the blog and want to sign up to more, ask people to sign up to your mailing list. Ask people to purchase something, ask people for ideas – the options are endless.

Facebook buttonBig fancy button as you call to action – How could you not click on the button, it is so appealing. Imagine if it had the word press on it or start or register – all these words work as a call to action for your audience. It is these types of buttons that make marketing of your product or service a far more visual and easy to understand action. People know straight away what they are supposed to be doing and they can just simply click and be headed in the right direction. Click this button on the left to go to our Facebook page, make sure you click like while you are there. Click the button on the right to go to our twitter page.Twitter Button

Sidebar call to action – This is similar to a banner call to action, which we will talk about next, the difference with the sidebar is that it is usually on every page and most likely will be for people to sign up to your mailing list.

Next week we will post part 2 of this Top 9 Calls to Action – Tell us how you use a call to action in your business.

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