If I worked for a Venture Capital Firm – While it would seem like a fabulous position to be in, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to make wise choices for your investors and you need to ensure that yours and the business owners, emotions don’t get in the way.

For me if I was in the position of finding the next big thing to invest in, I would not want to focus just on the big.

Small business; would be my business of choice as they are so often just at the edge of major success and often lack the funding and mentoring to take them forward and into the next level.

If I worked for a venture capital firm I would like to see applications from innovative small business owners which are proven to be more successful when they have support from a mentor. It is this mentoring teamed with the capital injected that would help the small business to be where they hope to be.

For some small business an injection of thousands rather than millions can dramatically change their success rate. The letdown may be the return on investment as this perhaps would take longer than needed for capital investors.

Either way, to have the opportunity to change someone’s business future would be a desirable position to be in. One day maybe!

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