What is Micro Business in Australia?

Micro Business operators in Australia are on the increase as more and more people are looking for flexible work to life balance.

Micro Business defined by the NSW government is a business run by an individual rather than a corporation or larger company. It can have up to 4 employees before it becomes a small business. Small business can then be defined as 5 to 19 employees.

Another definition is “Solopreneur” which is a term that I love as more and more people embrace working for himself or herself instead of working for someone else.

Under this definition, I am a “Micro Business Specialist” as the majority of my clients fit within this definition.

If you are a micro business operator in Australia – what is business like for you?

Being in Australia we are very fortunate to have the choice to be self-employed and the choice to do this can be at any stage of our lives too. More and more mature age workers are beginning the dream of being self-employed or going freelance later in their careers. As we desire more flexibility there seem to be more openings for people to pursue this as a choice of work/life balance.

Many people are choosing to become self-employed to:

  • Avoid the daily commute to the office
  • They are sick of not being valued for their efforts
  • Their knowledge can be better utilised
  • They see an opportunity to fulfil a need in the marketplace
  • Create a work/life balance
  • Be available for their children
  • Do something new / change of career
  • Plus many more reasons – comment below

As a business adviser here in Australia I come across so many wonderful new and existing entrepreneurs who are micro and small business operators.

There are many reasons for success stories and there are many reasons for failures too. Most people know the failure rate of small business startups is very high and I believe that the main reason for this is underestimation.

People often underestimate:

  • How much it will cost
  • How long it will take
  • The hard work required
  • The time required to put in
  • How they will market the business
  • Plus much more

Success in micro business can be found everywhere, and chances are that a lot of people you do business with are also micro business operators. Everyone has a different measure of success too and this makes up part of your business plan as to where you want your business to go to.

If you are a micro business operator who wants to stand out from the crowd and to be successful, take the time to contact Kelly Robinson @ My Sassy Business today. We can take your business from where you are now to where you want to be.

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