What is my Business Niche? Once you are thinking of being is business for yourself it is an ideal time to come up with some strategies that will see you and your business stand out from the crowd. In business the idea is not to follow someone else but to lead and stand out from the crowd. How can you drill down your offering so that you have a very specific target market? Perhaps your business is uniquely positioned to offer a service to people who are looking to move to Australia! What about a product that is perfect for people looking to retire.

Whatever your service or product you need to know “Who wants what I’ve got”. Even look to create a micro niche that only a few businesses can offer. Be mindful not to create a business that is so niche that when you have supplied your micro market, there is no one else.

As an example: You are perhaps an interior decorator, this encompasses a vast offering. How can you deliver this service to one segment – “Downsizers”! People who are downsizing their home can be a direct client base that you can promote to and work with.

By finding where to start and creating this small business niche you are better positioned to have a marketing strategy that allows you to get your business directly in front of your ideal client. Know this ideal client “Avatar” well so that you can spot them in a crowded market place.

Do you know who your “Avatar” is? My Sassy Business can help you to discover them.

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