When is free better and when is it not?

There is so much available over the Internet for free these days. This leaves both business owners and consumers in a conundrum of decision. When is free better and when is it not?

The consumer:

It is difficult for the consumer to decide what they believe in their search, when so much is available for free.

Do you believe that a paid product or piece of information has more clout than a free piece of information or product?

If I take this free piece of information or product, what will they want from me in return?

How do you decide?

Always pick a trusted source for your information – But how do you know who to trust?

I would suggest a business that is offering a combination of free and paid product and services.

You have seen the business or products over several media forms. e.g. Social Media

Their message is consistent across all that is presented.

Their message makes sense to you and for what you are looking for.

Perhaps you have a conversation with someone in the business to clarify any concerns.

Sometimes you have to just trust your gut feeling about the business.

Free is not better though…

If you feel wary about the information!

If you cannot contact anyone associated with the business.

If the business is providing medical information that you are not going to confirm with your doctor.

If what they provide promotes as 100% free but then increases in costs trickling for you to access more and more.

Free is not better if you get caught in the trap of expecting everything for free. You will be disappointed!

The Business owner:

It is important as a business owner to provide some of your information or content at no cost. This helps to build the confidence of your new and existing clients.

Sometimes product can be provided through competitions or special offers.

Know that if you give everything away how will you support your business and how will people ever value what you do?

How do you decide?

A blog within your website is a great way to give free information that relates to your field, products, services etc.

Newsletters too can promote and provide information that works to hopefully generate future clientele.

A short consultation for no cost can dangle a carrot of information to get people interested in what you have to offer. This is a little like providing a quote for someone, they get to know you and your service ideals.

Free can be great if you can then have advertising on your page to support your offering of free information or product.

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Free is not better though…

If you are always providing free and no one is ever paying for your service or product – This is unsustainable as a business!

You need to be consistent in your message, don’t sometimes offer things for free and then other times sell them to people. This too devalues what you offer.

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