Why do I need to market my business?

Now for some fortunate businesses they are currently today busy. They don’t have to think about gaining new business, nor do they want to.

The problem with this philosophy is – When you are again quiet, this is not the time to start marketing your business!

Marketing that generates results takes time and continuity with your marketing results takes even more time.

Small business can be a roller coaster ride and is generally is. You have BUSY times and QUIET times – the trick, however is to make sure that rather than large ups and downs you only have small ups and downs.


How to make the ups and downs smaller?

  • Continuity in your marketing efforts
  • Never taking your foot off the marketing accelerator
  • Don’t wait until you are quiet to then start marketing
  • Have a calendar of at least 12 months of marketing
  • Make sure you cover a lot of areas like Content, SEO, PR, Networking and Social Media
  • Utilise newsletters to stay in regular contact with your existing clients so they do business with you again


Why you want to do this!

  • By having a consistent marketing effort you are not reliant on just one source.
  • You can gauge and expect certain results, which help with your longer terms budgeting
  • You will avoid the panic of being quiet for longer periods
  • Your marketing calendar allows you to budget your spend and increase in the areas that work well
  • Existing clients become your raving fans and will recommend you to others due to your consistent and smart marketing efforts


Marketing can be difficult, boring and hard to find things that work – but you have to do it.

If you are going to have a successful business long term you need to market your business in a smart way. Finding this way can be hard and My Sassy Business is here to help.

A simple idea generating or brainstorming session can kick-start your business and get new clients contacting you today.

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