26 Social Media Post Ideas


Now as everyone who follows my blog knows, I am a big advocate of utilising the correct social media channels that will build your tribe of followers. This blog I wanted to provide you with as many ideas as I possibly could to help you with your posts.




1 – Share industry relevant knowledge that your tribe will love

2 – Ask a question of your tribe and get their opinion

3 – Create a poll for your tribe

4 – Share the results of that poll

5 – Share inspirational images

6 – Share inspirational quotes

7 – Share your products or services

8 – Ask a fill in the blank question of your tribe

9 – Talk about seasonal things – summer fun

10 – Share your blog posts

11 – Special offers for the followers of that social media; Instagram special

12 – Ask you tribe to share an image of them with your product

13 – Expert tips that your tribe will love

14 – Share a behind the scenes look at your business

15 – Share something personal; with caution though, don’t get too carried away

16 – Share about an employee if you have one

17 – Promote your other social media platforms

18 – Share your successes

19 – Show your sense of humor

20 – Share statistics relevant to your industry

21 – Share an info graphic relevant to your industry

22 – Remember to re-share old posts that people loved and responded well too

23 – Share a case study

24 – Remind people to subscribe to your mailing list

25 – Share client testimonials

26 – What ever you post make sure your followers are loving and engaging with your posts


Never before has it been so easy for small business to gain exposure online for their small business. Used correctly it can be a big win for your small business and for your community of followers.

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