4 Things your business should never share on Social Media

A quick guide to ensure that you don’t make simple mistakes that could really harm your business. Remember that the Internet is a place where once published you are there for life, so think first before you post.

Political Beliefs

Your political beliefs are not part of your business so they should not be part of your social media presence either. By promoting or publicising your political beliefs you can offend your client base. We all have our own thoughts on politics and it is the last thing that you want to make a part of your marketing efforts on social media.

Religious Beliefs

Just as with political beliefs, your religious beliefs can also offend people. You are far better off to remain religion neutral where your small business is concerned. Religion or lack there of, can cause people to like or to hate your brand just based on your religious choice.

Humour not aligned with your brand

Humor can be used very well with business to strike a chord with your customer base. You must however ensure that this humour is aligned with the brand you have created. It is not an ideal situation to have a posh, high-end brand and then use low-level humour on social media. The opposite is true too; if you have a young and cheeky brand you don’t wan to be posting humour that your client base won’t get.

Your personal life

This is a real bug bare of mine; I don’t think that people want to see your children and home life splashed throughout your business posts. This is why you have personal accounts; keep your personal life off your business accounts. If you have clients that have become friends they will be following your personal accounts so share it there. If I am following a business I want to hear about the business, their new products and ideas. I want to hear about their innovations, their successes and anything else new that is happening.

You may agree or disagree with this blog but I think that if you have a clear separation it is far more professional. Your business presence on social media should be all about your business. If you want to let people behind the scenes that fine but make it about your office, warehouse or event. Not about your personal life choices of politics, religion, humour or personal life.

I would love to hear your opinions on this……comment below.

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