Following on from our most popular recent blog “4 Things your business should never share on Social Media” I wanted to cover the 4 Things your business should always share on Social Media.

Regardless of the types of Social Media you use to promote your business I have come up with 4 (yes there are more) things you must use to engage with your followers.

Your brand story

People love to hear about and share in the story that is your small business. What is the image that your business portrays out there in the world? Why did you start your business in the first place – use this as inspiration!

How did you come up with your business name and what does it mean to you?

Humour that is aligned with your brand

There are an endless array of funny things you can share over the Internet. Make sure that anything you are sharing is in alignment with your brand or image. This way you are less likely to offend anyone, as they know what your brand stands for and offers them. It may also elicit more engagement on your posts as they share and comment on your posts.

Your business life

I recommend that you never share your personal life but your business life is very different. Perhaps you can mention how productive your day has been. If you are a website designer you can showcase your latest site. An architect can show their most recent project. If you have received wonderful feedback, share that.

Behind the scenes

Have you rearranged the office, set up a new display, received a delivery of new product etc. Your followers will love to see this and feel a part of your business. What about a behind the scenes look at the development process of a product or similar.

Naturally there are a lot more than 4 things, like industry information, industry topics etc. but these 4 I have listed I believe are key to helping with your client engagement.

Engagement is the absolute key to success with your Social Media marketing strategy. It is one of the reasons we produced our workbook “Expose yourself on Social Media”. If your followers are not engaging with your posts then you must change something immediately.

Create a strategy and get started today on making your Social Media Marketing successful.

What else do you know that works well?

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