9 Myths uncovered about Social Media

If you have been a small business owner for a while you will have noticed that marketing your business has changed dramatically. With the influx of social media there has never been a better time to be able to promote and market your business online.

With the influx of social media there has been a lot of myths that have scared people from being involved and sharing their business on this platform. This blog will hopefully uncover these for you and set the record straight.

1) I don’t think my customers care about social media

The simple fact is that around 74% of adults are using some form of social media. Just because you don’t care about social media doesn’t mean that they don’t care. Think about your ideal customer and perhaps you don’t know them as well as you should.

2) I just don’t have the time

You need to make the time to market your business and social media is just one of those marketing channels. If you don’t want to do it yourself then you can outsource it. Otherwise you need to be scheduling your posts, as this is the best way to save time and ensure your marketing continues while you are busy working in your business.

3) I was told I need to be on everything

You don’t need to be on every social media known to man. Think about your ideal clients and where they are on social media, this is where you need to be as well. Chances are they are on Facebook, so this is where you need to begin.

4) Any bad feedback I receive is now visible to everyone

Yes this is true, but if you answer and rectify this feedback people can also see that you are proactive in your business. You care about your clients and you act quickly to fix any issues.

5) People will be sick of seeing my business in their social media feed

Remember that most people follow lost of other people and businesses so you are just one part of that. Making sure that your posts are interesting and engaging will help to ensure no one is sick of you. Facebook does not show all business posts to everyone so you need to post often just to increase your visibility.

6) People don’t choose to do business via Social Media

This is just not the case; people are more likely to choose a business that their friend or family member recommends. Social media gives you a platform to recommend and show others the businesses that have looked after you. For example: Groups within Facebook are a hive of business recommendations.

7) I need to have thousands of fans or followers

The most important thing is that your followers are engaging with your content. Yes you need a reasonable number of followers but it is not all about the numbers.

8) I don’t have anything to write

Surely you are your businesses biggest advocate; you should be able to talk about your business for days on end. When you are sharing on social media you should link back to your website, post images and sell the benefits of doing business with you. There really should never be a shortage of what you can post online about your business to lead new and existing people to buy what you have on offer.

9) People only want to see specials

No – People want to see how they will benefit from your business. Price should always come last and not first, this way you are creating long-term customers and raving fans who will send more people your way for future sales.

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I have written about 9 myths here and I am sure there are plenty more too. Social Media does not have to be scary and it is a great way to grow your business.

If you need help, book a session for some advice and if you want to outsource your Facebook, have a look at the monthly rates.

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