Advertising on Social Media

Perhaps you have thought about doing paid advertising on Social Media. Maybe it has been suggested to you as a way of gain more business. I do recommend trying this type of advertising as a way to grow your business.

Social media offers you various levels of opportunity to expose your product or service online and in front of your ideal clients. It is a real way of generating business and gaining more exposure online.

For example: If you are already using Facebook you will have noticed a massive drop in the reach of your posts. By using their various advertising methods you will again increase your reach on Facebook.


  • Gain more exposure
  • Promote a special
  • Increase your tribe of followers
  • Increase sales

Which one

Make sure that the social media you choose is one that is filled with your ideal clients and it is one that you are already using. By choosing one that you already use this allows you to do a little testing for free to see what types of posts gain interaction with your followers.

For example: Within Facebook you can choose to boost a post that has proven popular and gain even more exposure or sales.

The specific targeting within the various platforms allows for very efficient advertising. Before an ad goes live you are able to choose demographics and interests to get in front of the right people.

How much to spend

This is a tricky one to answer as an overall answer to every business. Essentially you need to ensure that as part of your business planning and marketing planning you have a budget for advertising. Specifically for online advertising! Social media advertising is very affordable; you can spend very small amounts and if done well, gain very good results.

Start out small and don’t throw good money after bad, constantly tweak your ads so that you are getting results. Even when an ad is successful, don’t just run it endlessly as people will get bored of seeing it.

Costs also vary across all platforms so there cannot be any one size fits all approach.

What return can I expect

Every business will have different expectations. When you are planning your advertising you need to work out what you want.

  • Do you want people to buy a specific product?
  • Do you want them to sign up to your mailing list?
  • Do you want more followers to your social media?

Answer your desire first so you know why you are advertising in the first place. All advertising should work to engage people who are genuinely interested and not just wasting your dollar.

Your return will vary across platforms too – this is why you must know your ideal client. If you don’t know your ideal client, contact Kelly today.

How often

This depends on your budget but it is an important part of your marketing plan to schedule various times throughout the year to promote.

Perhaps your budget allows you to advertise daily ongoing or across several areas. This type of advertising allows you to constantly tweak what you are doing to gain better results and push your dollar where it is getting the best return.


You should have a plan of some sort for your marketing, if you don’t and you would like help to create one, contact My Sassy Business today.

The paid advertising world for small business has changed and your business must embrace it and learn how to effectively us it. When done well your advertising can make a substantial difference to your business, utilise the online marketing world today.

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