Create better Instagram Content today

Social Media is vital for small business and Instagram is one of the most popular. If you have a visual product or a way of visually showing your business, then you should be on Instagram and using it as a tool to grow both your business and ultimately your sales.

You may recall that recently Instagram was planning changes to the algorithm and people started losing their minds. The plan was to make it more like Facebook (parent company of Instagram) with changes to the timeline and limiting the reach of posts.

Business owners and fan pages were terrified that all their hard work on Instagram was about to go out the window. Every post was asking you to set up notifications and petitions were being signed etc. thankfully this change is not likely to happen. But a variation of this may come at any time so you need to be very aware that all social media platforms have the ultimate control.

Instagram Content

If your current followers are engaging with your posts, by way of liking, and/or commenting – AWESOME, you will have little to worry about or to fear.

Small business who are utilizing Instagram should be experiencing an increase in interest and ultimately an increase in sales. If this is not the case you need to make some changes.

It makes sense that all you have to do is post good stuff but Instagram is more than that. Users of Instagram want to see expression, creativity, style, inspiration, art, and so much more.

Create better Instagram content today

Achieving Engagement

Who are your followers and what are they looking for?

They are looking to see an expression of your business via Instagram.

So if you are selling products naturally people want to see your products but they want to see the personality of you and your products. Your followers want to see the passion behind your business and the inspiration of your business.

Remember that just like Facebook people are scrolling through a feed of images. Without seeing something that stands out from the crowd or is different from what is already all over Instagram, engagement is unlikely.

For example, if there is information you wish to share, try making it stand out a little through colour, font or perspective.

Create Better Instagram Content Today

Aim to create something that hasn’t been seen or done before, stand out where you can.

The way to do this is to also be a fan of Instagram and see what others are doing and how you can engage with your own unique hashtags, events, and much more.

Ultimately you need to make people stop and pay attention to what you are sharing.

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