Customer love on Social Media

Are you looking for a way to show your customers more love and attention?

Would your customers feel appreciated if they received a shout out for being a good customer?

Are you able to embrace technology to ensure that your customers receive their answers?

Would you like your customers to purchase you via your website rather than call your phone?

All these things and much more can be utilized through social media.

Nielsen reports that around 1/3 of users prefer to contact companies through their social media rather than call.

All this being said – How are you going to embrace customer love on social media?

Mobile increase

Every year mobile usage continues to grow and with the influx of the smart phone, there is plenty of potential.

Back at the start of 2015 Google altered their algorithm to reward mobile responsive sites and penalize those that weren’t. Mobile Friendly

The reason that Google made this change is that they were watching the mobile usage grow and desktop usage decreasing. They knew that to make their customers happy there had to be a change to the results and people being able to easily view the sites that appeared in the result list. What this means is indexing a list of mobile responsive sites first so that Google’s customers can easily view the sites on their mobile devices.

Is your website mobile responsive?

Facebook reports that more that 80% of their users are on mobile!

Customer Love on Social Media

Customer is King

Now most people in business realize that customers and the service of those customers is extremely important. Unfortunately, there are still many businesses that don’t look after their customers, so this is one area where you can often outshine any competitors.

According to Harvard Business Review, customers who receive good service are almost three times more likely to recommend that business.

What are your current customer service policies and how are you going to improve them?

Social Media

If you are using social media well, it is likely that you are gaining new customers via this type of marketing. You may have also found that customers like to ask questions and communicate with you via this medium.

You don’t have to love social media to make it work for your business. There are many companies that you can outsource to, including My Sassy Business that can manage it for you. At the end of the day, you still have to be involved so you can respond to customers who may have a complaint or question.

Customer love on social media

Why it matters – There are so many reasons, but one of your main reasons should be customer retention. It is much smarter to keep your existing customers happy, turn them into raving fans and grow your business through their recommendations.


How you respond MATTERS

You must respond within the fastest possible time – within 1 hour is ideal and the same day is a must. People who are contacting you via social media are expecting a fast response to the faster you are the better the customer result should be. Often you can turn a customer into a raving fan once they realize the solution they are looking for. Image now this client telling or sharing their service with their family and friends online and see the potential for new clients.

If you outsource your social media then they should be able to respond on your behalf e.g. Call during office hours to discuss. Or they should be able to alert you immediately to a complaint so that you can create a response. The longer that a complaint sits there unanswered, the more time that other clients and potential clients can read it and pass their own judgment.

If you are responding to a complaint, then how you handle that will also be seen by your followers. Ideally, you should be able to provide them a fast solution that makes everyone happy.

Try not to be tempted to delete the complaint as it can serve you well as people see you are willing to help.


Social media is a wonderful and powerful tool that can grow your business and see you increase your business without vast amounts of effort.

You do have to do it right, so if you need some help improving what you do, or you would like to outsource it, just be in touch with My Sassy Business. You can then learn how to do things better yourself or you can outsource your Facebook management from just $260 + GST per month.

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