Engagement in Social Media – Social media has fast become one of the most powerful tools in marketing and if you and your business are ignoring it then you are missing out on the potential to grow your business.

Social media allows you to connect with your clients and followers in an engaging way. A Sassy way!

You need to think about the types of clients you have and then the types of social media that they are likely to be using. Once you have figured this out then your business needs to be on these social media platforms. Then your website, email signatures, and promotional materials should all publicize the fact you have a business presence on them.

Engaging is the key – every post that you make on social media must be directed in a way that illicits your followers to like, comment or share that post. When people are scrolling through their news feed, what will make them stop and look at your post?

If you are using Facebook (still number one in popularity) then you can write in the post, “Please like”, “Please share”, “Please comment”. You will find that your followers are more likely to engage when you do this, people love to help. It is the engagement in social media that makes it such a powerful marketing tool for all businesses to use.

Twitter has a following which allows people to gain a quick slice of info and you can link your site, blog or another site after the info. The idea is then to gain momentum and interest in your posts so that people favourite, retweet or comment. Again you want people to engage in your Social Media efforts.

A popular platform for business to business is LinkedIn, I would advise any business to be a part of it as even if you don’t find other people or businesses, they may find you!

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