Facebook Best Practices

If you are using Facebook to promote your business this blog aims to help ensure you are doing all the right things.

I had a look through the list of Facebook Business tips and Best Practice, via their help section and thought I would share what they offer and add my own expertise to that so that you can better utilise your Social Media.

Know your audience

It is vital that you know whom you are talking to when you post on your Facebook Page. If you are unsure about your audience, book in a session with Kelly today to get a clear picture.

Knowing your ideal client it will make it easier to create the Facebook posts that they will love and hopefully engage with ongoing.

Post consistently

By posting on a regular basis your audience knows what to expect from you. There is nothing worse than a page that posts in a stop start motion. Utilizing Facebook insights you can see when your followers are online and this is when you should be posting. Set up your new posts using the Facebook scheduler or something similar so that you are posting even when you are busy doing other things.

Target your posts

When you are creating a post you can break your audience of followers down by utilising the targeting feature (News Feed Audience) on Facebook.

Facebook Best Practices

Facebook Best Practices

From here you can then choose from various targeting choices and you will see a possible audience number who will receive your post.

Facebook Best Practices

Facebook Best Practices

Fresh and new

Make sure that your images and text are fresh new and interesting to your audience.

Use the Boost feature

By spending a little money on Facebook you can boost a post. I would recommend that you only boost posts that are already popular with your audience. By boosting in this way you have a greater chance that your money will be well spent.


Facebook advertising is incredibly affordable and able to be incredibly targeted. By creating ads that are exclusive in their nature you can clearly target the best audience for your product or service.


With Facebook you can quickly connect by using images that your audience can relate to and text that will appeal to them. Always use high quality images, ask questions you know your audience wants the answer to. Avoid the buy now or shop now types of posts, as they are not connecting to your audience.


Utilise page insights to see how well things are going with your Facebook page. It will give you a comprehensive view as to each post and the popularity of the posts.

You know for all the criticism that Facebook receives it remains a modern and consumer driven way to market your business online. Used effectively it can grow your business and grow your audience of loyal followers to your business. Facebook can get people talking about your business and hopefully sharing the posts that you put online.

If you want to learn more about how to use Facebook more effectively for your business, be in touch with Kelly today. Make sure you are signed up to receive more small business advice blog posts like this delivered directly to your inbox.

Plus if you are looking to outsource your Facebook management, have a look at our prices.