Facebook for Small Business

Facebook remains one of the most popular Social Media Platforms available. I am sure that Facebook will do as much as it possibly can to remain in its top position too.

What business consumers of Facebook need to realize is that while it remains as popular as it is then your business needs to be there. Being there and presented in the best possible light to your tribe of followers is important for your followers.

My Sassy Business Facebook Page

Google results

If your Small Business Facebook page is optimized correctly then your page may appear in the Google search results before your website does. This is due to the domain authority of Facebook or popularity of Facebook.

Make sure you are optimizing correctly, this includes making sure that your about us section is filled and formatted with your ideal phrases and suburbs (as required) for your business.

The Perfect Post

There is no perfect type of post so stop trying, just make sure that you mix up the linked posts, the image posts and the text only posts. As part of this make sure they are the types of posts that make your followers want to like, share or comment on.

Engagement remains key!

Email Lists

Aim to send your followers to subscribing via your mailing list. This may be through a button on your Facebook page or via posts suggesting that people do just that.

By having your followers also on your email list you are able to contact them long after you posts have appeared on Social Media.

Follower Involvement

This goes back to the perfect post. Think about creating posts that people want to engage with. Ask them questions, do competitions and post interesting content. Think about the type of clients you have and come up with informative and engaging posts that they will enjoy, like and share. If you are making video, try uploading direct to your Facebook page. You may find better reach as Facebook likes that you are using them directly rather than YouTube too.

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Social Networks

Don’t just focus all your effort in one place. I know this post is about Facebook but you also need to think about what other Social Media your tribe uses and you need to use it too.

My Sassy Business LinkedIn

My Sassy Business Google+

My Sassy Business Twitter

Paid promotion

Facebook does very well in its ability to break down the paid advertising into specific audience streams. What this means is you can clearly target your clients based on the development of your client avatars.

If you don’t know what a client avatar is, or you need help creating one, you should book in for a one on one session with Kelly Robinson.

It is important to remember that if you love or hate Social Media it is the devil you have to dance with. Being across the relevant social medias creates touch points for your audience to see you and your business.

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