Hashtag best Practice

I am sure you have heard of the term “Hashtags”; so if you are unsure how to best use them, keep reading this blog.

Hashtag Definition: a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#) used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic.

From my experience, there are three types of people with knowledge about Hashtags.

People who know nothing and don’t use them

People who know a little and use them incorrectly

People who understand Hashtags and use them correctly

People who know nothing and don’t use them

These people generally have no knowledge of how important they are. They can also be quite scared of using them so they don’t bother.

People who know a little and use them incorrectly

These people can drive me a little crazy, as they are generally the ones who use hashtags as a sentence. #OMGhavingagreatdaytoday This is so wrong and means nothing in terms of generating new followers or new business.

People who understand Hashtags and use them correctly

These are the people who are using best practice and in turn generating new followers and more engagement on their social media. This engagement will then be leading to new business and more.


Hashtag Best Practice

Aim to use no more that 3 or 4, maximum of 5 with each post that you do

Use them on all the social media where you promote your small business

Research the best terms via sites like www.hastagify.me

Think about the key terms people are using to find what you do and use them as hashtags.

Hashtag Best Practice


Accountants – #money #tax #taxreturns #BAS #XERO #MYOB #quickbooks

Interior Designers – #interiordesign #homeandgarden #style #housedesign #artdeco #frenchprovincial

Fashion – #style #fashion #chic #springfashion #catwalk #clothing #shoes #vogue

From here you can generate a list that you can regularly use and change over time. You can see what is working, also do more research ongoing and see when you get a good response from your posts how you can then replicate it in other ways.

Look at what is trending

On any given day, there will be topics that are trending on social media. If by chance these align with your business or are similar to your offering you can also use that tag.

For example at the time of writing this blog the VMA’s had just been on the day before so #mileycyrus was trending at number one. Perhaps you are a fashion business and can talk about her fashion, or a music label or something relatable. By using her name as one of your hashtags, you can generate interest from others look at all the posts with this hashtag.

So as you can see using hashtags is very simple but when used correctly they can be the reason that people find you online.

What hashtags are you going to be using in the future?

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