How well are you using Online Marketing – If you have a small business you would be mad to not be doing at least one of the online marketing techniques and be ready to do all three.

Simply having a website and thinking that people will find you without any promotion is just crazy. If you are not promoting then people will not find you, look into the follow tactics and see what you can do to generate online marketing interest in your website.

Google Ad Words – This is a paid promotion that will aim to gain maximum exposure for your business online. There are very simple ways for you to create and post ads that will lead people directly back to your website.

Email – At the very least you will have your website within your email signature. Online marketing is much larger than that! You should be sending regular email promotions out to your database. You should be writing things that send people back to your website to do business with you. Have a Call to Action!

Social Media – This list is long with social media and you should purchase our “Expose yourself on Social Media” workbook if you are unsure of what to do. At a minimum, unpaid posts talking about your industry with minimal promotional posts will generate interest. Test you marketing techniques with paid promotional posts through these social media channels too.

In finishing this blog it is vital that your website is easy to navigate once people get there and it also covers the information that your prospective client requires. Make sure that your website is kept up to date with relevant information and stay in regular contact with your web designer so that you can control the look of your page. Make sure that you keep your image consistent across all forms of online marketing and this includes your website.

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