Improve your visual Social Media

If you are already using social media you should be using great images. Regardless of the platform that you are on your images should be of a high standard and they should be representative of your business.

Your images or video should be telling a story and that story should be the epitome of your brand. Naturally if you are sharing poor quality images or video it shows that your brand is also poor quality. Unless poor quality is something you are trying to portray, then you need to keep reading.

Having images that stand out

Try to stick with your business or brands look and feel, via message, colour, fonts etc. This makes your images recognizable over time and as people are scrolling through their news feed.

Use a watermark

Make sure that every image has your logo or website address on it. This way when it is viewed or shared, everyone knows where it came from.


Make sure that if you use photos they are high quality and not just a backyard, poorly composed and bad image.

The right size

Using something to create your images for social media makes this and all of the above very easy. At My Sassy Business we use and have always used them for our images creation. Super easy to use and zero cost unless you buy one of their images. Note: There are lots of online tools; this is just the one that we prefer.

Mix it up

Sometimes promote, sometimes inspire, but always be looking to engage with your audience.

Remember that social media is there for you to market your business and ultimately gain more sales because of this. Your message should be clear, consistent, conscience and lastly engaging. Particularly with Facebook, if people are not engaging with your posts you won’t get a very good reach.

Social media can be used to generate business and take your business to the next level. Do it properly and do it well!

If you don’t have the time for Facebook – Outsource it to someone who can create a professional look for you. Due to high demand My Sassy Business can do it for you, so have a look at our prices from just $260 per month for 5 posts each week.

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