Instagram Best Practice

Having done Facebook Best Practices and Twitter Best Practices, naturally Instagram best practices needed to be next.

If your business has visual appeal or products with visual appeal then you must be using Instagram to share and promote.

Instagram is best used from your mobile device and just like any other social media the following are some best practices for you and your business.

Instagram is popular for a wide audience with all ages enjoying this social media for following and sharing their own images.

Post regularly

Just as with any social media you need to have a plan 1-3 times each day is ideal for Instagram. Not all one after the other, spread them out over the day and use scheduling software to make it easier.

Post quality

Quality images are a must so that your followers can love what you are sharing. Branding of your images is also something you should consider. Using sites like to create beautiful branded images can really save you time.

Post with hashtags

Relevant hashtags are a must as people use Instagram to search for things. You want to be choosing searchable topics relevant to your business as your hashtags. Sites like can help you discover popular hashtags.

Be Social

Comment and like other complementary profiles so that you are visible across the platform. For example, if you sell clothing, then perhaps follow an accessories store that complements your products, comment on their images as then your business Instagram name will show in the feed.

Utilize a link from your website

As your location, you can insert your website so people can see it on every post.


Make sure your profile has your website as part of the description and a clear and conscience description of your business.

Use scheduling is a great option as they have a free option available for up to 30 posts per month, but it is only a planner rather than scheduler. have just released their scheduler for Instagram. There are a few others available so do your research.

As with any social media, you must commit to the cause and do it regularly or not at all. You can build your business with social media when you use it applying best practice. If you need any help, get in touch for some one to one training.

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