Social Media 101 for Business – This blog is for all those who are using social media but want to use it better for their business.

Love or hate social media it is here to stay and if you are in business and not coveting it – then you are crazy. Just as a starting point it helps with your Google ranking if people are searching for you, and that is just one reason.

I will cover some but not all and I think it is vital that your small business does the same. You don’t have to be on all social media with your business. You do have to be on the ones that your clients are using. We have a workshop coming up

Using Hash Tags – They are great to use, don’t use more than 3 in a post and keep them relevant and searchable. If you are posting live, check and see the hash tags that are trending – see if you can use one. Remember that people are searching for things on social media and the hash tag is your keyword for the search. #smallbiz #socialmediatips

Twitter – I have put Twitter as the first one because it is a great place for speedy comment and interaction. Twitter is also used by all walks of life, from teenagers to business owners to professionals to Hollywood stars. You can post unlimited times each day and the idea is to get others to retweet your tweet. A favorite of your tweet is also nice but the retweet is what you are after. Use hash tags. Use images too.

Note: If you use a hash tag while it is trending you have a higher chance that your tweet will be see by more than just your followers.

[Tweet “Have you looked at the trending Hashtags?”]

Google + – Google + is fast becoming a popular platform for users of social media. It is simple to use and provides the relevant hash tags for you if you can’t think of any. You can use images, links, videos etc. all to tell your story.

Note: Google searches it’s own social media with its spiders before any others. Try posting several each day and try to work out the best time for your followers to interact.

Facebook – The original social media that most people are familiar with. If you use it personally or for business it is still a popular place for people to promote. You can do a whole lot for free and you can do even more when you spend money. Like Google + several posts each day are important as due to Facebook’s Algorithm your posts may not be seen by everyone who follows you. More posts = higher chance of interaction. Make sure your posts encourage engagement and for more tips on exposing your business on Social Media, check out our downloadable workbook -“Expose yourself on Social Media”.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn has always been popular for business people in the corporate world. In recent years however it has become increasingly popular for business and in particular small business to gain clientele. Yes you will have a personal profile but you can create a business page to generate followers just like any other social media. You can create posts for both your personal profile and for your page.

The more you put in the more you will get out.

Pinterest & Instagram – These two are perfect for the business that works with a visual interaction. You can utilize these platforms well for regular and professional image sharing of your products. The fashion world uses these platforms exceptionally well.

Pinterest has the wonderful ability to allow your posts to click back to your website – Instant sales!

Note: When posting on Instagram enter your website as the location of your post. This way your website appears above your image.

If you are still stuck on how to use Social Media for your business book a brainstorming session today! Together we can utilize the 90minutes to get your plan of attack ready to go.

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