Social Media Management Checklist

Are you using social media?

Are you exposing your business enough across your ideal platforms?

Are you using best practice?

Are you doing the social media management yourself or are you outsourcing it to a professional.

Are the majority of your posts branded for your businesses brand recognition?

If you are currently marketing your business through social media this blog will help to see if you are doing enough to make a difference online.

Many small business owners find themselves doing their own social media marketing, as they cannot yet afford to outsource. Once you can outsource you still need to ensure that your social media manager is looking after your accounts correctly.

This is one of the reasons My Sassy Business decided to add social media management to our list of services. Contact Kelly for a quote.

While there is no one size fits all approach this blog will aim to give you some simple indications of what you should be covering.


If you are using social media you are crazy not to be scheduling your posts. For example, Facebook allows you to do this within its platform.

At My Sassy Business, we use to schedule all our social media posts and there are many others like or to name a few.


  • Respond to any comments you receive on any post even if you just simply like the comment.
  • Interact with other influencers in your industry where you can online with their posts.
  • Ensure your scheduling is up to date and you have plenty of posts completed and ready to go.
  • Interact with your clients and potential clients when and where you can

Current suggested best practice – All of these numbers can vary but across most businesses these are the current recommendations.

Twitter – Post three to six times

Facebook – Post one to two times

Google + – Post one to two times

Instagram – Post two to three times

LinkedIn – Post one to two times


  • Check your analytics and make sure you are posting at the times your followers are engaging on your platforms. If you are using scheduling tools these will have your analytics built in so that you can see the popular posts you have sent out.
  • Encourage people you know and use your own personal profile to share your posts. As platforms like Facebook will allow more reach for personal accounts than business accounts it is one way to get your reach out further.


  • Make sure you are on track to towards the goals you have for your social media efforts.
  • If you are outsourcing, make sure, at the very least you are asking your clients how they found you.

If you need help implementing this, book a session with Kelly to learn how to better manage your social media. If you are looking to outsource, contact Kelly for an obligation free quote.

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