So it is 2014 and you have decided to outsource your Social Media Management! What now?

The number one buzz word is engagement – but how do you get engagement, how do you get people to comment, share and like your posts! Our workbook Expose yourself on Social Media helps you to be engaging, but if you are hoping to outsource then this is what this blog is about. If you don’t have the interest, knowledge or time then perhaps finding a Social Media Management company is for you.

What do you look for?

Lots of people are running businesses that can look after your social media, which one will you choose? Price, reputation, promises??????? I hear you saying oh excellent writing and presentation skills, perhaps management skills.

What about incredibly creative with an amazing sense of humor!

Remember it is not about management at all it is about coming up with exciting and creative posts that your audience will want to engage with and will mean that people remember your business.

Look to the big brands – they are coming up with ads that people are remembering! It is not just Social Media Management it is however about being smart, unique, creative and funny.

This is the brief that you need to take to any Social Media Management company – “We are looking for a creative company with a sense of humor to get our brand noticed and remembered”.

So if you are choosing a Social Media Management company in 2014 make sure they are able to provide you with a creative solution because the number one, most important thing they need to do is be creative. It is creativity that will get your followers engaged with your Social Media.

It cannot be said enough that you must be engaging with your audience on Social Media, so make sure you pick the right creative person to help you take your business to the next step online.

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