Social Media Myths

Love it or hate it social media should form a part of your business strategy. The smarter you are about it the easier it is and the more clients you will generate using these platforms. As part of your inbound content marketing Social Media can be used very effectively and with minimal effort, which is contrary to belief. The better you use Social Media the more you will realise the importance of using it.

Social Media is too informal

If you think social media is too informal for your business then you are missing out. Social Media is only as informal as the posts you create and the content you share. There are MANY high-end brands utilising Social Media, there are lawyers, accountants and many more professionals all coveting Social Media. You have total control over your content, images and posts so you get to create the consistent brand that you want your ideal clients to see.

Leads are not generated by Social Media

Being social and generating interaction is what will also drive new clients to your brand. Brand awareness is what you are creating, people need to see your business several times before they choose to use you. When you are on Social Media you open this opportunity. Remember that Social Media is free to use so it only takes your time and not your money to get on these platforms.

I have to be on EVERY Social Media platform

This just is not the case; you only need to be on the Social Media platforms that your ideal clients are also on. By utilising your ideal client avatar you will know what Social Media they are likely to be on, this is where you need to be.

What will I post, there just is no ideas

Posting is easy, you can share other peoples content, post a quote, hints and tips, recent blogs, etc. Make sure you mix it up though!

There are so many things once you start planning. I post 3 times a day across all my chose networks and never struggle to find content. Just be in touch if you want help finding ideas.

I don’t have time to post all day every day

Yes you do – you have lots of choices and it doesn’t have to eat into a vast amount of your time. There are plenty of options available. If you are doing it yourself you can use scheduling software like Bufferapp or Hootsuite to plan all your posts well in advance. If you are not going to do it yourself then you can just outsource it to a social media manager. Once you start you will be able to see the reports on when your followers are on your page, this will help you with the best times to publish online.

I just won’t bother with Hashtags #

This is crazy, the reason for hashtags is they create a link for searchable content. #smallbiz relates to content about Small Business and anyone who utilises this may then come across your posts. Make sure though you use hashtags for things that people are searching for, don’t just create your own crazy terms or hashtag a long sentence.

The Internet Trolls will come for my business and me

This just will not be the case. If you are posting relevant content that relates to your business, then you are unlikely to come across trolls. If your business is however controversial then you may just have Trolls find you.

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