To Tweet or not To Tweet

This is the question, asked by so many of my clients.

Here are some ways that you can get started with your twitter account and decide if twitter is for you and your business.

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If you are going to use twitter I have a few recommendations for you that will hopefully answer the “to tweet or not to tweet” question.

If you go ahead know that there is no point just doing this by half.

You need a strategy and a plan to ensure that it is successful for your business.

  1. Twitter is just like any other social media platform; the posts that you write must engage your followers and in turn create new followers.
  2. Make sure that you are posting direct to twitter, not just sending your Facebook posts automatically across. The format is different and may not be relevant.
  3. Utilize a scheduling platform like Buffer app or Hootsuite to schedule all your social media posts.
  4. Ask questions of your followers so they can respond to you and feel like they are making a difference to your business and your brand.
  5. Post images to twitter as this creates something new other than just text for people to enjoy.
  6. Don’t use twitter as a place to rant about a topic, you are still building your business brand.
  7. Give a behind the scenes look at your business for your clients by using images and stories.
  8. Share useful tips and content that your followers can appreciate and use.
  9. Start a twitter chat through somewhere like use a descriptive hash tag to promote it. Or you can jump into someone else’s industry related chat as an expert.
  10. Respond to mentions of your business on twitter. For positive mentions a re-tweet or comment, if it is a negative mention make sure you comment that someone will be in touch today to resolve their issue.
  11. Check out the trending hash tags and words throughout the day and see if you can use them in one of your posts.
  12. Make sure your hash tags are relevant words that people are searching for, or don’t use them at all.

To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Now I am curious – are you going to use twitter for your business? Which of the above strategies are you going to put into place and regularly use to grow your twitter audience. I also recommend that you have a look at our workbook “Expose yourself on Social Media“. This will get you understanding social media and how it can work for you and which social media is relevant to your clients.

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