Top 9 Instagram trends for more Followers

The recent changes to Instagram’s news feed mean that you need to smarten up your Instagram efforts if your images are going to be loved by your followers.

There are now more than 500 million active Instagram users so these users are yours for the taking and adding to your audience.

There are many different trends around and this blog aims to cover quite a few and give you plenty of ideas to integrate into your style.

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Colour, theme or more repeated

Many of your favourite Instagram accounts will provide you with a feed that has commonality. It may all be black and white, video only, product only, quotes only etc.

Hashtags #

You must be using Hashtags and as many relevant and popular ones as you can think of. This is the way that your audience will find you and you WILL gain new followers. Popular Instagram Hashtags


Using the hashtags above that have been popular, use them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too. Cross-promote your social sites and gain more followers – easy!

Silent video

This is a great way for people to view what you have or what you are doing all without sound. Microsoft has discovered that our attention spans are getting shorter so being able to capture people attention quickly is paramount.

Boomerang App

This app was launched by Instagram and delivers a 1-second video looped – Delivering a micro-moment in time. There are MANY wonderful examples already on Instagram. They are delivered with no sound, easy to create and very easy to view on Instagram. Use this app and be creative with your content delivery.

Snapchat filters

Even our pets are experiencing the snapchat filter and being posted online. How can you use both these platforms to grow your business?

Longer Video

You can now post a video that is up to 60 seconds in length, unlike the previous 15-second limit.

Multiple accounts

Finally, Instagram provided us with the ability to have multiple accounts without having to log in and out of them. For businesses, you can build more than one brand or you can access your personal and business without having to log in and out again. Large brands do this well splitting up by country or styles.

Sales device

Yes, many businesses are using Instagram to drive traffic and to make purchases via links in their bios.

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