What are Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be started by anyone.

They can be open or closed, public or private.

For people who know each other or people who don’t know each other.

They can be used for selling, chatting or promoting business.

And much more…

Did you know that you could use Facebook Groups to grow your business?

In order to do this, you need to ensure that you set up your Facebook personal profile to present yourself as a business owner. This way you will ensure that you are not sharing anything that you don’t want clients or potential clients to see.

Make sure you set up your personal profile to show where you work as being your business and if you are like me you may also want to have it as your banner.

Scroll through your old posts and remove or hide any that you don’t want clients to see. You can change the visibility of the photos to friends only but remember you may have clients as friends too.

Search for relevant groups

  • The groups will be local as well as international.
  • Some groups will be local, some open, some closed, some with lots of rules and some with none.
  • Note: You can only join the groups as an individual, not your business page.

Ideally you want to join and participate in groups where you feel you can add value and also promote your business from time to time. Even just by adding value people will check out who you are and this is where they will go to your personal profile. This checking out is what can lead to new business if you are what they are looking for.

By engaging in these groups, you become a trusted participant and authority in the field you are offering advice or information. This then can and will lead to building relationships and new clients for your business.

The other wonderful thing is the online relationships that you build. You may never meet these people, but you build an ongoing relationship online with them.

Before you know it they are recommending your and you are perhaps recommending them, more business for everyone.

So jump onto Facebook – tidy up your personal profile and join some interesting groups and see what happens.

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