Why you should use Google Plus for your small business and ensure that it is part of your overall marketing and business strategy!

In this blog we outline the benefits of this as a social media tool plus the additional benefits of becoming a Google business customer.

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According to Social Media News there are approximately 65,000 + active Australian users on Google Plus. Even more impressive is the number of companies using Google + to engage with their customers. Everyone from Individuals can use it to Micro business, Small Business, Medium Business and Large Multinational Business.

Given its popularity, why wouldn’t you be using it!

It is important to know how it works – When you put a post on Google + and into the news feed, you can also attach a link to it. This post triggers the Google spiders or web crawlers into action and they scan your post and place it into the search index almost immediately. Therefore even though Google will send it’s spiders through the other social medias, it is indexing it’s own Google + faster than any other.

This service is FREE!

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Google has a whole suite of products and Google + is just one of them. Once you are utilizing it you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

New business opportunities will become available:

  • When people are searching for you it is far more likely that you will appear on or closer to the first page in the search results.
  • Clients will become loyal followers and fans, able to +1 your posts and engage directly with your business.
  • Clients will easily find you with the use of Google Maps as part of your verified Google + page.
  • Existing and potential customers are able to share your posts with their circles.

Google has a range of product available under it’s Google business banner. Big Business has been enjoying these benefits for a long time and in recent years small business has also jumped on board to begin reaping the benefits.

Google Plus allows you to use an app on your phone and the ability to log in from any device anywhere.

With the Google + newsfeed you can share your news, updates, photos, links, video or event directly to the public.

Google Hangouts is a live video stream for you to use to have face-to-face connections.

Going into Google Communities can create new followers and conversations for your business.

The aspect of Google that is very exciting is that through Google Business you can have your email accessible via Gmail, but you use your own domain address. This means that you email is accessible from anywhere anytime and on any device. It is also all in the cloud storage space so if your computer crashes you just get another computer and log in. No more lost information!

Along side of this you get Google drive, which allows you to store all your documents in the Google cloud – safe and secure and accessible via any device.

At My Sassy Business we utilized the services of Stanfield IT to set up our Google for business and couldn’t be happier. We recommend that you get your business on board with Google too.

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