Why your Business needs Social Media

Surprisingly, many people still believe that social media is a waste of time! Many still have the false belief that is does not and will not generate business from new or existing clients.

What do you think?

Not so surprisingly, I am a very big advocate of Social Media and using it wisely can generate business from new and existing clients.

If you are not on some type of Social Media then you are missing a massive opportunity to spread the word about your business. You are also missing the opportunity to get your website better ranked on Google through social sharing.


As Google remains the top search engine, lets see how Social Media fits with being found online. Now if people love your message they will like it, share it, pin it, comment on it, retweet it, +1 it etc.

Now because Google is all about seeing that people love your content, this then ultimately helps your Google ranking. Being popular on Google is ultimately what we are all looking for.

Social Media

Social Media has fast become the go to place for people looking for something or someone. If you are not on social media and not interacting then you may just miss out when people are looking for what you offer.

It is the ultimate word of mouth – wouldn’t you feel better about a company if your friends also liked or followed that company!

I have written many blogs on Social Media so take the time to read them here.

Choose wisely

You don’t need to be on every Social Media platform that is available. Make sure you know your ideal client and only position your business where you ideal clients are also interacting.

Use wisely

* Ask your followers for their opinions

* Give them information on how to use your business or to buy from you

* Have daily conversations with your followers

* Be consistent and original

* Remember that it only costs you time if you do it yourself

* Outsourcing your social media can be very cost effective

If you are not using your social media as well as you could be then book a session to learn how you can improve what you do. Also if you would like to outsource, then we can help you with that also. success@mysassybusiness.com

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